summer interlude from Matt.


I’ve had a bit going on in the past few months! The 31st annual James River Batteau Festival just happened, June 18-25. Zack, Phil, and I crushed the James River for most of the week. We had a special appearance for a couple days from Caleb. Sarah and Danielle cooked us an AMAZING meal at Caleb and Sarah’s place (a few miles away) the night we stayed in Scottsville.

Caleb was there for one of the most exciting days, where we cruised through Goosby Rapids. All these pics are from Goosby Rapids.

crush time
getting ready for ultimate crush time! (photo credit: Holt Messerly)
boys on batteau
checking out the action!
folks on alvin eugene crushing goosby
Alvin Eugene navigating tricky water.
helpful friends on batteau
In the true, helpful spirit of the Batteau Festival, these cats help to get the Alvin Eugene out.

Also, there’s a special award for showing good spirit and stuff on the Batteau Festival, the Lady’s Slipper Paddle. I got it two years ago, and this year, it went to our canoteran champion Zack Gills! Out of our groups of friends, Zack is the river master and he’ll be the captain of our Batteau for that reason!

Captain Zack
Captain Zack calling the shots! (photo credit: Holt Messerly)

As far as home projects go, I finally drilled the necessary drain holes in: the tub, the wooden frame beneath it, and the linoleum on the floor. I had to do some tapping/beating with a hammer around the tubs drain hole, so it tapered down at the drain and ALL the water will flow out.

This is where the tub is going to sit.

Danielle and I have put in a little time on the tub since her last post. I sanded the epoxy and put on the next few coats, which is a porcelain-like coating for tubs!

I reckon we only need one more coat and it’ll be done!

Check out this cool light for over the bed that we got from Class and Trash (a local thrift/treasure store – it’s where we got the brackets for the shelf in last post)! It was originally a desk lamp, but I inverted that bad boy and put some screws in it.

Constantine maxxing!
‘his’ and ‘hers’ reading lights!

Oooh! Also, check this out! Sue Rosenberg (Gourd Art Champion) made us a gourd dedicated to us and Argie!



Suuuuuuuuper Excellent!!

I’ve built a little mountain biking course around Argie in the past few months. It’s pretty fun. It’s a good way to play on my bike a little without having to drive to downtown Richmond (lots of trails, 30 minutes away). I have been going to Poor Farm Park a lot recently, as there are some local trails and where I found a downhill course there that would CRUSH me!

Anyways, check out my little cutie of a course!

 Now that it’s summer, and we’ve be relying (pretty heavily at times) on our (original) AC unit from 1975, we’re taking some steps to see that it lasts. The factory top is all cracked up and lets water through, so right now we’ve got a makeshift cover.

You sure can find great stuff on the side of the road! 😉

The pigs are growing every day (almost NOTICEABLY).

They started at about $10 of feed a week and are now at $50. They mostly just eat and poop.

Oh, and a few more people have stopped by this summer to say hi, check out the pigs, and shoot some guns!

dee dad v
Danielle’s dad and BFF from Seattle managed to be here at the same time.
These babes are WEIRD!
First timer!
Shameless couples photo!

It’s been a not-so-productive summer Argie-wise, but has been super-productive fun-wise! Hoping to get this damn bathtub installed this week, get the water turned back on, then it’s time to focus on bowl-turning again – yessss! I got accepted to do Arts Around the Lake at University of Richmond on September 25, come check it and some of my new bowls out!

Until next time,



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