back at it!

Whoooweee, where have we been? Well, folks, where haven’t we been? Doing too much work on Argie? Nope, definitely not there.

However, we have mostly settled into our life in the countryside in our happy little home, and in the meantime, have proceeded to (mostly) neglect her. Aside from a few bowl-related festivals in the Spring which helped to delay tasks, working nonstop on a project for 8 months is exhausting, so is having a full-time job, and part-time jobs, and a social life 😉

Matt and his bowls at Arts in the Park back in April.

Yet, we’ve managed to accomplish a few things and have some fun in the meantime. In the last few months since our last post, we’ve traveled, hosted friends and family, read many books (OK, just me), cooked plenty of delicious meals with farm- (thank you Tomten) and homestead- (thank you DP) fresh produce, acquired three pigs, and finished a few household projects, to name a few things.

produce via Tomten
pigs via hutch
piggy faces. (photo credit: Heather Hutchins)

As for traveling, Matt and I went to Florida to visit Mom & Ken in late May and had so much fun!

family pizza night!
pool zone.
mom matt d
where’s Ken??

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a lil trip to the Outer Banks with some friends, too. We have been enjoying the water so far this summer! #scorchjob

the friends!
the beach!

Also in May, Dad and Uncle Don came to visit and we had a small gathering of folks to warm our happy little home! This even was a catalyst for project completion (i.e. the shelf over the kitchen sink, the hanging of a few lovely items on the walls, etc.) and was the official beginning of hiatus from home projects.

ross argie warm 1
more friends! (photo credit: Ross Wright)
ross argie warm 2
friends and family (and a brilliant dish-washing station). (photo credit: Ross Wright)
ross argie warm 3
landscape and friends. (photo credit: Ross Wright)
argie sweet ross
sweet sister Sarah created this for us and we love it SO much. (photo credit: Ross Wright)
the knife rack was a birthday gift (November) from Caleb & Sarah, too. happy to have it hanging!
Matt crushing on shelf-creation (sanding n stuff).
more crushing, more sanding.
finished product: a beautiful, practical shelf!
the other end.

Further, just in the past week, our near, dear friends from Portland were in town and we (mostly me) had soo much fun being very, very social with the two of them and were so thrilled that they prioritized coming to visit Argie, too.

this pretty much sums up the silliness. (photo credit: Mallory Breitenbach)
hutch and pigs
the pigs are always a hit! (photo credit: Emily Kane)

In addition, Matt recently returned from the 31st annual James River Batteau Festival and celebrated his 29th birthday. More on the Batteau later, as Matt will likely have an entire post dedicated to his journey of canoeing, camping and fishing on The Rivah!

batteau zack 2
many Batteaus parked in Howardsville, VA. (photo credit: Zack Gills)
batteau zack
a summary of what I presume most days on the river looked like… (photo credit: Zack Gills)

An exciting storm before the Batteau festival wreaked havoc on the greater Richmond area, and we lucked out to have zero storm damage on the homestead, though we almost were crushed by a tree whilst trying to move another tree out of the path of Matt’s truck during the storm (whew!). Richmond is still recovering three weeks later and people are still talking about it, which can help to describe the scope of the storm to you. It was a BIG deal.

wrecked tree - ed bohannon
no joke! (photo credit: Ed Bohannon)

Since Matt has come home, though, we’ve been trying to crush on some projects around the house! So far, we’ve gotten three steps closer to having running water (it could happen as soon as a week from now, and I am SO excited) and have begun the process of resurfacing the horse trough to make it a tub.

plenty of prep work when using epoxy.
couresty of Smooth On.
elbow grease.
looking good, ye ol’ tub!
epoxy aftermath! (did NOT feel like an eco-warrior after this project)

AND we made the bed longer and have been sleeping (ha, mostly me) better at night with more room to move.

Matt has also built a bike course in our backyard which is pretty sweet and I’ve been doing some (maybe cheesy, maybe silly) online workouts that make the best of limited equipment and space, so biking and working out have been preoccupying us in the past few months. Small-space living is the perfect opportunity to save money on a gym membership and workout outside!

Speaking of bikes, Matt and I have also managed to work some miracles on my bike (Kobe!), too.

kobe before 2008
Kobe (and me, yikes), before (circa 2008 in Chicago)
Kobe 2.0!

Honestly, we’ve just been settling into the habit of doing all chores/projects/tasks together and it seems like it’s making us get along better, as we have to communicate so much, and really enjoy our time together, even when it’s something gross like moving all of the pig turds from the pig pen into the garden (yup, that happened!). Believe it or not, it feels really nice to always have something to do, and someone to do this stuff with. I’m so happy to have found this hard-working man from a hard-working family to share my life with: these people make me feel lazy! 😉

Putting together a blog post has been daunting, as it’s been a few months and there are so many small details that I want to share, so this alone is a big task to cross off the list! As we’ve regained our energy for working on Argie, hopefully it won’t be so long in the in the meantime.

Thanks to all who reach out and offer support and love and encouragement, and to everyone who has come out to see Argie so far: we love and appreciate you! When shoveling pig shit and rolling coins before bed starts to feel boring and average, there’s nothing like a visit from a friend or two to help it seem like “Yeah, I guess this life is pretty cool!” So keep on coming out and sharing happy thoughts with us – thanks a million!

d mo fb - hutch
just hanging out at home con mis amigas (photo credit: Heather Hutchins)




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