springing on in.

It’s officially bowl-turning season for Matt! Which means a lot of our construction progress has slowed down in the past month, as Matt has started to turn (no pun intended) his focus from crushing on Argie progress to cranking out wood bowls for various festivals throughout the next few months.

We must know it is spring, as the Irish Festival took place in Churchill last weekend (Matt has a quirky was of telling the seasons by different festivals that take place throughout the year, with the James River Batteau Festival marking summer and Field Day of the Past marking fall). Despite all of the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately, the weather was not so gorgeous last weekend.

das church. (we were parked directly in front of it)
Setup was on-point on day two!
I only take photos of Matt in the most flattering of poses. (Also, if you look closely in the background, you will see Ari, preparing to work some sales magic).

Yet, we didn’t let that get us down! We were still out there all day (well, Matt was, I kept finding excuses to wander off or go inside, as we were staying with our friends in Churchill all weekend), both days, and Matt still managed to sell a few bowls and make a few sales, which helps “us” to save more money in pursuit of our independent land goal!  A success all around!

Carter and Matt, counting the $$!
Oh yeah, Matt got new glasses, too!
Found this lil cutie at the diner where we had day two breaky.

Matt’s next bowl-slanging event will be Arts in the Park in Richmond the weekend of April 30th-May 1st, so he’ll be focusing on getting ready for that here in the meantime, as it is a proper art show and he is SO excited to have had his bowls be accepted into such a prestigious event. (OK, shameless advertising of Matt and his fabulous bowls will now cease, promise).

In the meantime this past month, I’ve been working super-duper hard at my teaching job, as well as taking an online class, subbing a few yoga classes, and practicing yoga more frequently. Also, the college had Spring Break last week, and my mom even made it to town for a visit! I’m not sure we managed to get any pictures together (we normally don’t, that’s just how we roll), but she did get to stay a night in Argie (she was not as romanced by the 27 daily trains that pass by ¼ mile away from our home as we are).

I do so much grading, but it’s SO great to finally have a seat to sit upon to be able to use our table as a desk (it’s original multi-function intent).
yoga practice zone & sweet new “gypsy” sign – courtesy of Aunt Stacy.
sweet new birdhouse, courtesy of Momma Susan.

Further, she helped to make some new curtains to hang inside and act as a partition from our main living area (bedroom/closet/kitchen/dining area) and the bathroom. They’re double-sided, they look great, and I couldn’t have finished them properly without her help and innovative idea about how to hang them: thanks Momma! 🙂

full partition splendor!
front-side pattern.
back-side pattern.

Oh, and we went out to Scottsville to check out Caleb & Sarah’s new place: it’s so lovely! We had a little bit of home envy, but we have thus recovered. Check out how cute their place is; it’s perfect for them and bigger than what they were previously working with.

once a photo-bomber, always a photo-bomber.
front-side of C&S’s cute lil abode.
great back-porch, complete with C&S!

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good (despite picking up “The Crud” this past week, causing me to call out of all jobs and lie in bed for days, hopefully I’ll be on the mend soon) and Matt and I are really happy settling into living in Argie. We survived our first winter, and it wasn’t too bad! On a daily basis we still turn to each other and are like “Whoa, we live in a camper!” and it’s still kind of amazing. Swoon! Hoping to get some more projects done in the months to come, but now that we have that fancy little outhouse, our wants have slowed down and our needs are few.

Oh, and we have purchased the bathtub, but are working on refinishing it to make it more “tub” like, as it’s currently a trough, before we get it installed. Any suggestions would be warmly received…

we’ll make it work…

Hoping to have some sort of inaugural cookout in April, so be on the lookout for that! Until then, happy spring equinox (a few days late)!





  1. I love it! Is there a way you can make the floor area in the bathroom section splash friendly with a drain? I really dig taking bucket showers… easy, refreshing and to the point. Maybe if could make that area water proof/drainable you could do something similar? So you’re not confined just to the tub? So glad I got to see her in person! Now your blog comes that much more alive. Love love love you so much more than I can ever express in the comment section!


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