privy nice life.

We survived our first real snow! After our last post (for those of who you live under a rock), the east coast was pummeled by a phenomenal blizzard during the last week of January! We stayed nice and cozy the whole time, partly thanks to Danielle getting a second space heater from Aunt Stace.

the first evening of snow
 I went out when the snow was really coming down and took some pictures of the action.
she looks cold, but she was super warm on the inside!
You can’t even see the main house!

It was a pretty heavy snow for VA.

Argie gets some BEAST icicles on her with the inside heat melting the snow on top!
the man beast with the beast icicles!
Danielle loves it when I leave the door open when it’s cold outside!
I had to dig a little path up to the workshop so we weren’t trudging through 18″ of snow every time we ventured out.
Once the snow stopped falling and I had shoveled the path, I worked on some new shelves. The one folds up for putting the laptop on and watching movies(It’s red oak); the other is at the head of the bed(It’s maple).
“head o the bed” shelf from above
from below – it’s so shiny!
“foot ‘o the bed” shelf – flat.
underside of the shelf, when folding up.
“foot o the bed” shelf -fully erected.
While I was working on the shelves, Danielle was sewing away on the rest of the curtains. Like the curtains around the bed, she put old blankets between the outer layers, a champion move in warmth preservation!
new curtains and shelf together!
kitchen counter with accent piece on wall and finished curtains.

We got linoleum down in the bathroom, and still have exactly enough leftover to floor the outhouse…. one of these days.

footed threshold.
once we get the tub, it’ll go to the left here and I’ll build a base under it to hide the pipes.

Now the bathroom is ready for the bathtub. We’re going to get a livestock trough and coat it with some fiberglass resin to make it more “tubby”. (Hopefully that’ll be done by next blog post).

We made a good amount of progress on our outhouse too. It is now ready for pooping! (As long as the absence of a door doesn’t bother you, that is.) I finished the sheathing on the outer walls and put up the decking (the wood under the roofing) in one day.

crushing to get it finished!
all finished up!
One evening, Danielle and I managed to crush the final layer on the roof. We were racing daylight but finished in just over two hours! We used asphalt roll roofing. Our outdoor water closet is now water-proof! (At least from the sky…)
rollin’ around up on the roof.
nailin’ away!
As you can see, I ran out of “tar goop” and still need to patch a few nail holes…
On the most recent work day, I made the “thinking seat”! Proper recognition to Danielle for getting us a free seat for the drop zone.
all she’s missin’ is a door! (that’s it leaning against the tree to the left)
real simple.
The seat is about 5 inches over the “slop bucket”, so the bucket can easily be slid out, emptied, and replaced. I put some tin walls to help any stray “stuff” stay en route.
 I bought a trashcan and filled it with sawdust, an important ingredient in the composting toilet system. Sprinkle a little bit after each use. Too stinky? Sprinkle a lil’ bit more!
Need a lot of sawdust to make this work out right!

Progress is going great! There are tons of ever-emerging little projects to do, but the next big ones, in order:

-Bath tub

-Shelves in the kitchen

-Get that gas stove working!

I’m still a little wary to mess with the stove. I’ve never worked with a gas stove before, except for camping. It’ll go fine though.

Like my dad says, “It will do nothing to dwell on an undesirable task. Just keep working and it’ll get done.”

Good mantra: “Just keep working.”

Until next time…


Matty P.


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